Dog Lovers, Beware of Sharia Law

Woman attacked for walking furry friends who are considered “unclean” according to Islamic aggressors

A Viennese woman was attacked because her walking of her dogs was offensive to Islamic immigrants. “Surely that was an isolated incident,” you are probably thinking. While not a lot of people have been attacked for walking dogs — yet — there are other issues arising between Muslims and dog owners.

Some Islamic taxi drivers refuse to transport people with service dogs. This has been an issue for some time, as this article, originally written a few years ago (the first incidence listed occurred in 1997) and regularly updated, indicates. In January of 2016 one driver put a pregnant woman and her service dog out on the sidewalk because he was offended by her dog.

Pregnant woman ejected from cab because driver offended by service dog

Those are just a few examples revealed by a quick search. If you’re curious, explore it for yourself.

But, evidently, along with uncovered female skin, female orgasms, woman-owned businesses, homosexuals / gays, drinking beer, gays drinking beer, and many other aspects of everyday American life, Muslims are offended by your favorite li’l furry friends, considering them unclean. So, Dog Lovers, even if you’ve been cool with women being suppressed and oppressed, with gays being thrown off roofs, and with random stabbings, gang rapes in schools, festival rape attacks and trucks used as weapons against “infidel” pedestrians, maybe now you will be able to recognize the threat to American life and Western law that we are warmly welcoming into our towns, streets, and halls of justice.

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Should the Seeing Be Content to Lead the Blind or Open Their Eyes Instead?

Identify no evil?

This week a pastor whom I generally respect wrote a blog stating that Holy Spirit told him not to be an activist, because activism implies an effort / desire to control people. He wrote that he was aware that “activists” would be disturbed and disagree.

While I agree that our goal in speaking and writing must not be to control the thoughts of others, some may never have heard truth, and may be in such a deep slumber that even when they do hear truth it eludes them. There are none so blind as those who will not see. Those who do not easily see or hear what is going on around them might require ‘acts’ and stronger communication to become aware of their peril.

Sometimes the only difference between ‘activism’ and powerfully propagating truth might be the intention of the heart, which is impossible to recognize in another unless GOD gives us specific discernment.

For instance, many would interpret JESUS’ overturning of the money tables in the temple as activism. He likely knew that act would trigger the full wrath of the establishment. It was certainly one of the most direct ways in which to confront the established religious and monetary systems. One might say that virtually every statement he made about the established religion / government of the time was a form of activism.

Mario Murillo is one of the few well known preachers who has taken a strong and very public stand against some of the evils in our nation. Is he an activist or a truth seeder?

There might be many reasons to remain mute and hidden in this political climate. Faith in CHRIST is probably not one of them.

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Cuban Missiles, Rows of Tombstones & Hiding under Desks: a Boomer’s Primer on the Ruskie Threat for Millennials Scared of Russia

Growing up in the 1960s our parents and grandparents and teachers had a recent memory of nuclear bombs actually going off, being used to kill people. Everybody was terrified of nuclear war: terrified. As if the memory of Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t enough to keep everybody traumatized by fear, we had yet another concern added on: Russian nuclear weapons just off the Florida coast. The Cuban Missile crisis rattled everybody.

But just for an extra measure of fear, at my elementary school we fourth graders (9 years of age) were shown films of nuclear bombs going off, of the results of the bombs going off, and shown rows of tombstones to represent how many people could be killed. The terrors of ordinary atomic bombs were bad enough. But the final dramatic moment in one of the films was the introduction of the super-effective HYDROGEN bomb. Representing the vast power were rows upon rows upon rows of tombstones. But only the lucky ones would be killed immediately. The rest of the people near a nuclear explosion would throw up for a month or so and then die. To protect against these shattering dangers, they taught us to hide under our desks. Even a 9 year old can realize the futility of this act.

I could feel the chunks rising right there in my class; literally. I would feel extremely nauseous during the films. I was terrified.

And of what?

A false Russian threat? A possible future event that never came to be. What a waste of childhood innocence being stripped.

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Gas Lights and Memory Holes and We Are Exponentially More Careful

“We’re all gone now”

A deliverance minister paused during a church meeting. Now, in case you don’t know, ‘deliverance’ is the protestant word for exorcism, so a deliverance ministry practices the casting out of demons. During the pause the deliverance minister took, a small, timid voice from the back of the church was heard to say, “We’re all gone now”.

The demons remaining in the room were trying to convince the minister and those present that the meeting could end because the demons had all been exorcised; virtually all of the dark spiritual issues had been resolved.

Gas Lights

The current influences in the Deep State and traditional media take a somewhat different tack. They don’t say they are all gone; instead they try to make us believe they aren’t there, and never even were. If we don’t overlook their presence and accept their world view, they try to make us believe we are crazy.

The term ‘gas lighting‘ describes the process of trying to make somebody believe he / she is crazy by altering the view of reality looped back to the person. Actually, in the film from which the term is derived, it is a she who is being fed a warped view of reality. She is certain that at times the lights become dimmer, and her husband, who is actively trying to make her believe she is mad, assures her that they are not and infers that her emotional disturbance is skewing her view of reality.

Many of us are humble enough and sensitive enough to accept suggestions from others. We Americans have been taught to be polite, to have open minds, and to be accommodating. So when an even ostensibly authoritative influence–like a mainstream news outlet–stresses to us that our point of view is wrong, we tend to believe we are, indeed, wrong.

Failure to Report Vault7 & Other MSM Memory Holes

It never happened! You’ve heard of Vault7, right? Well, CNN evidently, four days after the huge Wikileaks information dump, still hasn’t.

Neither have they heard, apparently, about the 1500+ pedophiles that have recently been arrested; or the 25,000 jobs that have been added; or the 2 trillion dollars that have been invested in the stock market since Donald Trump stepped into the Oval.

The MSM, with rare exceptions, have not reported on many significant issues impacting the health and well-being of the American people and the people of the world. Sterilization resulting from HPV shots, baby parts being sold by Planned Parenthood, Obama’s plan to collapse the middle class housing market through looting of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fund Obamacare, farmers in India committing suicide because of tragedies caused by GMO crops, and Hillary’s campaign contributions from Saudi Arabia & other interests powerfully invested in a failing America never, according to traditional media, ever, happened.

And if you think it did, well, the traditional media have a flickering gas light they will let you glimpse; except they want you to believe it isn’t flickering.

Once Burned…

Do these people who are deceiving us not know that once burned, people are twice careful? How many times have we been burned by false traditional media reporting now? I guess I was in something like second grade when John Kennedy was killed. So, hitting only the major burnings, I guess there’s that, the fake gas shortage of the mid-70s, the false promises of “conservative” candidates to end abortion, the Bush / Gore election fiasco, the “Fast & Furious” gunwalker scandal, and, the big trauma enchilada of recent decades, 911.

For me, that makes something like 64 times careful–and I’m not even including the times I’ve personally been burned by folks who presented themselves as American Hero Truth Tellers. So I’m terribly damn careful these days about what I believe and don’t believe.

And I bet you are too. We aren’t fooled now and we won’t get fooled again, will we? No, no.

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In Sympathy for the Crusades: Remember When the Moops Invaded Spain?

We used hold the Crusaders in disdain. They viciously attacked the poor Muslims. But now we are (at least I am) beginning to understand why. They invaded sovereign nations and tried to cuckold and displace the Europeans living there. You can learn a (very) little about that from George Costanza:

I’ve been sufficiently brainwashed by my education–supplemented by PBS & Hollywood–to feel that the Crusaders were way off-base in invading the Middle East to attack Muslims. But now I’m not so sure they were. In fact, seeing how radical Muslims infiltrate a society and subtly–yet viciously–take it over, I’m not even so sure anymore that the Spanish Inquisition was as extremely evil as I have come to believe.

Why were they so stirred up? Were the Crusaders simply bored second sons of noblemen with nothing better to do, as some sophisticated dramas imply? Were they bloodthirsty murderers in search of the next victim like Vlad the Impaler (aka Count Dracula)? Or were they justified in chasing the Moors back to the Middle East and trying to free the Holy Land?

I’m not sure. But I think the possibility deserves consideration.

There are PLENTY of videos of European women being savagely raped by Muslim men. I can’t bring myself to watch them, so I’m not going to expect you to, Dear Reader. But this article about rape gangs taking over Austria will show you a rabbit hole, and if you want to go down it to investigate the very darkest realities of this issue, feel free to proceed from here.

If your sister, or your girlfriend, or wife was raped by an Islamic “Refugee” (who just happens to be of military age and just happens to have sworn to exterminate the Infidel), how might you feel? What might you do? OK, you love peace, so maybe the first time you let it go by. Maybe the second time too. Then your friend’s sister commits suicide because she was raped by a “refugee” and nobody defended her or vindicated her.

BOOM: you’re a Crusader!

Could it be that simple? I think so.

Yes, history has been shaped by the movement of peoples. Weak people lose their land; strong people take over the land of weak people. Sure, it happens–and no less because we live in the “modern age”. See, you think you live in the modern age. But the refugees (aka Islamic invaders), well, they know they live on the long timeline of human history, and they act accordingly, employing invasion techniques that proved successful (somewhat at least) ‘way back in the Dark Ages. [Of course this time they don’t realize they are being used as Globalist pawns on a chessboard to displace free people, who can be hard to dominate, with themselves, who are well accustomed to following authoritarian leaders.]

OK, I get that you’re not likely to become a Crusader. But what is a reasonable response? Do you continue to roll out the red carpet and hang signs that say “Refugees Welcome”? Do you surrender quickly and allow the stronger (or more violent) to wrench your land, culture, children, and future from you?

Or do you become a Crusader and drive them out?

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A POTUS of Biblical Proportions

Have you ever read the Book of Judges?

Yes, yes, I know, the image shows Moses, not one of the Judges. That’s just for fun. And because even people who haven’t read the Book of Judges can recognize Moses as being a Biblical figure.

So if you’ve ever read the Book of Judges, you might recognize some of the similarities between Donald J Trump and many of the Judges. But, for the sake of time, I’m only going to focus on one of the Judges, whom I think is most relevant in a point I wish to make; that one is Gideon.

Now, you might think that if you were in trouble, having your crops and lands destroyed on a regular basis, you would welcome a deliverer who would triumph over your enemies. History often proves something different. Current responses to Donald J Trump prove something different as well. He comes, announcing that he wants to restore industry & give back the wealth of the American people that has been stolen from us, and people hate him; people are afraid of him; people call him a racist nazi homophobic xenophobe. Some people even tweet that they want him dead. Some very public figures announce in some very public forums that they want him dead. If you have read the Book of Judges, you might expect as much.

One of Gideon’s first assignments in his deliverer role was to destroy an altar to a pagan god. He successfully did that, though he did it at night because he wasn’t quite as bold as Donald Trump, and he knew there would be repercussions–and there were. In the morning the men of the place wanted to know who had destroyed the altar because they were fully prepared to kill the person who had.

Does that sound familiar–at all? Every thing Donald Trump tries to do for the American people seems to trigger someone or some niche special interest group, many of whom are sponsored by the arch enemy of truth, justice and the American way, George Soros.

Significant times–times in which the future is in the balance–require significant people. A Deliverer has arisen on behalf of the American People, and on behalf of Free People everywhere. Yet he is hated and many wish him dead, just as the townspeople wished Gideon dead when he tore down the altar (if you will, the old failed ways of doing things).

People often love their bondage (you can read that word ‘sin’) and they’d rather have an excuse to fail than a means to succeed. A deep discussion of self-sabotage and a sense of unworthiness of WINNING is outside the scope of this blog. So is denigrating people who have endured long struggles without reward.

Suffice it to write that deliverers of Biblical proportion are often hated. But if they live long enough, they can serve to do marvelous things for those they are sent to deliver.

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How to Feel Normal When Your Normalcy Bias Is Crumbling around You

According to reliable whistleblowers there are three thirty-mile wide spaceships three miles below the surface of the ice in Antarctica. Flying cars are now being sold to anyone who can come up with three hundred ninety nine thousand dollars. Hillary Clinton is taunting General Flynn about Pizzagate. A dam in dry ol’ California is on the verge of bursting. “Liberals” suddenly are opposed to free speech, and you learn your memories are in question because of the Mandela Effect.

2017 is not a good year for normalcy biases, as the news of February 14 attests. But it’s not just 2017 that is challenging normalcy biases. Recently many odd and unpredictable things have been happening. People seem angry and emotionally off-balance much of the time. Having one’s normalcy bias rocked doesn’t feel nice.

Yet it’s important in these times of turmoil to be steady and calm while being prepared for unexpected changes. The conspiracy theorists among us are (perhaps not) surprisingly better prepared for these abnormal events we are seeing. We have become conditioned to hearing about such things as FEMA camps, poisonous chemtrails and biowarfare against our own populations, as well as banks, corporations and governments who sabotage us and commit our future to trans humanism that will strip us of our birthrights and independence.

Naturally we are still surprised when some of the out of the old ordinary things we know might happen actually begin to happen. But we are better prepared than most.

If we can, we must help those who are confused and even disturbed. In order to do that, we need to find ways of feeling normal ourselves, so we can convey a sense that everything will be OK — eventually — and, in so doing, help people get through difficult times.

How can you feel normal in strange days? Comfort. We don’t always need to be Spartans. Sometimes we need to feel good in order to take on the extreme challenges of our time (though of course when we can’t feel good we will still soldier on).

The Bible tells us to comfort people with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted. That’s the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and it’s the richest comfort we can find. It’s available everywhere, all the time.

Along with that comfort, we can help ourselves feel emotionally more normal in the midst of extraordinary circumstances by finding comfort in comforting experiences. Not for nothing is “comfort food” so called. Good, plain foods that we have enjoyed since childhood can help us feel that everything is OK. If we can make old favorites nutritionally beneficial through cooking from scratch with organic ingredients, so much the better.

Music can be a tremendous source of comfort. Favorite tunes enjoyed in happy times help us bridge troubled times. Worship music that evokes GOD’s presence can facilitate our finding strength and comfort in Him.

While spending time with people who vigorously disagree with us can add to our stress, dear friends who either agree with our point of view or who can set aside differences are a great emotional support. Watching an old movie or playing a board game can help ground us when we find ourselves in a tumultuous season. Sing, dance, write, paint, CREATE! We are created in the image of a CREATOR, and are never more true to our identity in the Cosmos than when we craft, shape and emote through artistic expression. We have learned what we have learned, we have done what we have done, we are who we are; and from that along with assurance of GOD’s love we can draw confidence and find comfort.

Comfort can make us stronger so we can face greater difficulties.

A prophet said that sad people could recover from great sorrow by eating rich food and drinking sweet drinks. The same prophet emphasized the importance of joy, because, “…The joy of the LORD will be your strength…”

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How Daddy Issues Threaten the Future of the US Republic

This morning I noticed an interesting video on Kauilapele’s blog. The video showed a woman being talked through the fears and depression she suffers that have been triggered by a Trump presidency. Some might find it helpful, so I am including it here:

But what is it that really troubles people about Donald Trump? I’ve spent much time in thought and in many conversations on that topic. Don suggested that a slave mentality of the kind that had to be broken as attested by the Books of Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy is an issue, and that is certainly relevant.

But I’m a person of the heart, generally, so I want to know what relational issue drives Trump haters to distraction–and beyond the reach of most rational discussions. Why do some consider Donald Trump authoritarian, when I–and millions like me–see him as a protector and one who brings restoration?

I let this word ‘authoritarian’ rattle around in my head a bit. What evokes the image of an authoritarian? An egomaniacal tyrant like Hitler, certainly. But, to a child who doesn’t want to be re-directed, a wonderful, caring father can seem authoritarian. Often the child who has made such judgments of the heart against a father does not realize the care and generosity of spirit that drove the protective father to assert his authority.

Did you know that something like 90% of protesters live with their parents? The implication is that it’s unlikely they have crossed the threshold of parenthood, which would help them empathize with the intentions of one endeavoring to care for the entire nation with the desire to protect, and perseverance of a good father: Donald Trump.

In fact, many of the protests certainly appear to be, in effect, a bunch of “kids” running around throwing a temper tantrum. I remember in particular one video of a protester banging her own backpack onto the street repeatedly, accomplishing…what?

Some families lose their deeply rebellious children. Some become addicts, some become prostitutes, some cause irreparable harm to the family / parents’ relationship. An odd little point of fact: in the Old Testament of the Bible, children who cursed their parents fell under a judgment of being stoned. No, not ‘stoned’ as in getting high; ‘stoned’ as in having rocks thrown at them until they die.

While that sounds extreme to us in our culture, it may have been a practical means of ridding their society of potential sociopaths. If a child couldn’t respond appropriately to loving parents, how might the child behave when let loose upon society in adulthood?

I’m certainly not suggesting that the protesters are sociopaths–though I do believe they are being funded by one in George Soros. But, as it is written, “…The compassion of wicked people is nothing but cruelty….” This applies, at least to some extent, to how out of touch protesters and other vocal Trump opposers are with the real needs of some they are claiming to defend. Do I really believe most protesters are ‘wicked’? Nope. But, in being misdirected, their compassion may manifest as cruelty–or at the very least significant, damaging ignorance, as this video highlights:

From where have these daddy issues come? Our culture has denigrated manhood / fatherhood so powerfully for several decades (I want to write probably since the 50s) that many men have never seen an example of a traditional protective, engaged father. Therefore, many children (now grown) can’t recognize a man who represents a father figure in the traditional sense (and even in the actual sense, when one considers that 67% of African American homes have no resident father, leaving many American children with virtually NO influence of a father AT ALL). Aggressive, dominant men are perceived as threats, not as protectors.

Those who have had and / or who ARE a protective, confident father who provided a safe environment in which to thrive herald Donald Trump as a potential Deliverer from evil, dangerous forces in the world.

For instance, those who grew up with a father who didn’t allow some kids to come over to play because they seemed dangerous or somehow threatening, have those memories of being protected from ‘aliens’–those outside the family. They don’t feel the father was being ‘xenophobic’; rather, the father was protecting them from bullies. Similarly, Donald Trump is protecting the nation from potentially harmful influences. The wise learned from Benjamin Frankline that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure–and we never even really found that magical pound of cure for 911. Done bun can’t be undone.

While that POV may seem overly simplistic, ask around among those who fear Trump and who love Trump. See how many of which had dependable, kind, protective fathers, and which had scoundrels for fathers, weaklings for fathers, or even no fathers at all.

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