How to Feel Normal When Your Normalcy Bias Is Crumbling around You

According to reliable whistleblowers there are three thirty-mile wide spaceships three miles below the surface of the ice in Antarctica. Flying cars are now being sold to anyone who can come up with three hundred ninety nine thousand dollars. Hillary Clinton is taunting General Flynn about Pizzagate. A dam in dry ol’ California is on the verge of bursting. “Liberals” suddenly are opposed to free speech, and you learn your memories are in question because of the Mandela Effect.

2017 is not a good year for normalcy biases, as the news of February 14 attests. But it’s not just 2017 that is challenging normalcy biases. Recently many odd and unpredictable things have been happening. People seem angry and emotionally off-balance much of the time. Having one’s normalcy bias rocked doesn’t feel nice.

Yet it’s important in these times of turmoil to be steady and calm while being prepared for unexpected changes. The conspiracy theorists among us are (perhaps not) surprisingly better prepared for these abnormal events we are seeing. We have become conditioned to hearing about such things as FEMA camps, poisonous chemtrails and biowarfare against our own populations, as well as banks, corporations and governments who sabotage us and commit our future to trans humanism that will strip us of our birthrights and independence.

Naturally we are still surprised when some of the out of the old ordinary things we know might happen actually begin to happen. But we are better prepared than most.

If we can, we must help those who are confused and even disturbed. In order to do that, we need to find ways of feeling normal ourselves, so we can convey a sense that everything will be OK — eventually — and, in so doing, help people get through difficult times.

How can you feel normal in strange days? Comfort. We don’t always need to be Spartans. Sometimes we need to feel good in order to take on the extreme challenges of our time (though of course when we can’t feel good we will still soldier on).

The Bible tells us to comfort people with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted. That’s the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and it’s the richest comfort we can find. It’s available everywhere, all the time.

Along with that comfort, we can help ourselves feel emotionally more normal in the midst of extraordinary circumstances by finding comfort in comforting experiences. Not for nothing is “comfort food” so called. Good, plain foods that we have enjoyed since childhood can help us feel that everything is OK. If we can make old favorites nutritionally beneficial through cooking from scratch with organic ingredients, so much the better.

Music can be a tremendous source of comfort. Favorite tunes enjoyed in happy times help us bridge troubled times. Worship music that evokes GOD’s presence can facilitate our finding strength and comfort in Him.

While spending time with people who vigorously disagree with us can add to our stress, dear friends who either agree with our point of view or who can set aside differences are a great emotional support. Watching an old movie or playing a board game can help ground us when we find ourselves in a tumultuous season. Sing, dance, write, paint, CREATE! We are created in the image of a CREATOR, and are never more true to our identity in the Cosmos than when we craft, shape and emote through artistic expression. We have learned what we have learned, we have done what we have done, we are who we are; and from that along with assurance of GOD’s love we can draw confidence and find comfort.

Comfort can make us stronger so we can face greater difficulties.

A prophet said that sad people could recover from great sorrow by eating rich food and drinking sweet drinks. The same prophet emphasized the importance of joy, because, “…The joy of the LORD will be your strength…”

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