Gas Lights and Memory Holes and We Are Exponentially More Careful

“We’re all gone now”

A deliverance minister paused during a church meeting. Now, in case you don’t know, ‘deliverance’ is the protestant word for exorcism, so a deliverance ministry practices the casting out of demons. During the pause the deliverance minister took, a small, timid voice from the back of the church was heard to say, “We’re all gone now”.

The demons remaining in the room were trying to convince the minister and those present that the meeting could end because the demons had all been exorcised; virtually all of the dark spiritual issues had been resolved.

Gas Lights

The current influences in the Deep State and traditional media take a somewhat different tack. They don’t say they are all gone; instead they try to make us believe they aren’t there, and never even were. If we don’t overlook their presence and accept their world view, they try to make us believe we are crazy.

The term ‘gas lighting‘ describes the process of trying to make somebody believe he / she is crazy by altering the view of reality looped back to the person. Actually, in the film from which the term is derived, it is a she who is being fed a warped view of reality. She is certain that at times the lights become dimmer, and her husband, who is actively trying to make her believe she is mad, assures her that they are not and infers that her emotional disturbance is skewing her view of reality.

Many of us are humble enough and sensitive enough to accept suggestions from others. We Americans have been taught to be polite, to have open minds, and to be accommodating. So when an even ostensibly authoritative influence–like a mainstream news outlet–stresses to us that our point of view is wrong, we tend to believe we are, indeed, wrong.

Failure to Report Vault7 & Other MSM Memory Holes

It never happened! You’ve heard of Vault7, right? Well, CNN evidently, four days after the huge Wikileaks information dump, still hasn’t.

Neither have they heard, apparently, about the 1500+ pedophiles that have recently been arrested; or the 25,000 jobs that have been added; or the 2 trillion dollars that have been invested in the stock market since Donald Trump stepped into the Oval.

The MSM, with rare exceptions, have not reported on many significant issues impacting the health and well-being of the American people and the people of the world. Sterilization resulting from HPV shots, baby parts being sold by Planned Parenthood, Obama’s plan to collapse the middle class housing market through looting of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to fund Obamacare, farmers in India committing suicide because of tragedies caused by GMO crops, and Hillary’s campaign contributions from Saudi Arabia & other interests powerfully invested in a failing America never, according to traditional media, ever, happened.

And if you think it did, well, the traditional media have a flickering gas light they will let you glimpse; except they want you to believe it isn’t flickering.

Once Burned…

Do these people who are deceiving us not know that once burned, people are twice careful? How many times have we been burned by false traditional media reporting now? I guess I was in something like second grade when John Kennedy was killed. So, hitting only the major burnings, I guess there’s that, the fake gas shortage of the mid-70s, the false promises of “conservative” candidates to end abortion, the Bush / Gore election fiasco, the “Fast & Furious” gunwalker scandal, and, the big trauma enchilada of recent decades, 911.

For me, that makes something like 64 times careful–and I’m not even including the times I’ve personally been burned by folks who presented themselves as American Hero Truth Tellers. So I’m terribly damn careful these days about what I believe and don’t believe.

And I bet you are too. We aren’t fooled now and we won’t get fooled again, will we? No, no.

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